Tesseract Theme FAQs

1. What is the cost of the theme?

The Tesseract theme is free and can be downloaded from our website. 

2. Is support included with the Tesseract theme?
Individual support is not included with the Free version of Tesseract. To support you, we have created a Knowledge Base, based on community needs that has a variation of tutorials. 

3. Can I use a child theme?
Yes. Note that we don’t recommend the use of a child theme, instead we recommend backing up your site. You can make a backup using the Super Backup plugin. Be sure to use the discount code: Vipbackup to receive $20 off your purchase. As an FYI the unbranding plugin is not compatible with child themes.

Kindly note that custom changes such as adding a child theme modifies the structure of our theme and we are not held responsible or provide support for errors caused by these modifications. 

4. Can I sell this theme? 
No and Yes. You cannot advertise the download of this theme for sale. You can however, create websites using our theme and sell it to your clients. Note: Our branding may not be removed without the purchase of the Unbranding Plugin. 

5. How often do you release new updates? 
We do not have a set schedule for releasing new updates. New updates are released when bugs are corrected and or new features are added. Our goal is to release updates based on quality versus quantity.

6. Can I remove your branding from the footer?
Yes, with the installation of the Unbranding Plugin. 

7. Why is there a charge to remove your branding?
The unbranding plugin sales help so that we may continue to provide our services Free to you for years to come. There is no obligation to purchase the unbranding plugin, as you can build a website without removing our branding. 

8. Can I use this theme on multiple sites?
Yes, this theme can be used multiple times. 

9. My theme files are unzipped, what can I do?
Right click on the files and select compress. You can also watch a step by step video tutorial on zipping files in this area of our Knowledge Base.

10. How do I edit the right content block footer? 
In order to edit the right content block footer you need to install the unbranding plugin.

11. How do I install the theme?
Follow these Installation Instructions to install the theme. 

12. How do I upgrade my theme?
Please refer to our theme upgrade instructions to upgrade your theme.
Kindly Note: If you have made any custom changes to the theme code, make a backup of your existing theme and save it to your computer before updating. You can make a backup using the Super Backup plugin or follow these backup instructions. 

13. Can you install WordPress and the theme for me?
At this time, we do not have an installation service available.

14. Does the theme include content?
No. However content blocks are built into the theme to assist you in adding your own content. 

15. Can I customize the theme?
Yes. You can customize the theme to fit your website needs. Change the color, font, logo and so forth :)

16. Will this theme work with plugins?
Yes, most plugins should work with this theme. However we can’t guarantee that they will do so. There are some plugins that make use of Javascript libraries that may conflict with the libraries used in this theme, which may cause this theme to not function properly. 

17. What are your Terms of Use?
Our terms of use are stated here.

18. Do you provide an email marketing software?
We do not provide an email marketing software with the download of Tesseract. We recommend using Aweber for your email marketing purposes. Kindly note that we receive a small credit when you sign up for their service. 

19. Does Woocommerce include shipping methods?
Yes, woocommerce has built-in shipping price plans, however they’re shipping prices are estimated and may not be accurate. For shipping accuracy we recommend obtaining a plugin for the type of shipping that you use (i.e. FedEx, USPS, UPS) to avoid losing money on shipping costs.

20. What payment methods does this theme support?
You can add any type of payment method including PayPal, Authorize.net and several others. 

21. Can I use this theme for a blog or ecommerce website?
Yes and yes! You can build a blog, business, Ecommerce store and leisure website with this theme. The website options are limitless with this theme :)

22. What is your refund policy on the Unbranding Plugin?
Due to the digital nature of this item, we do not offer refunds. Please view our Terms for refund details. 

23. Is this theme mobile friendly?
Absolutely! Checkout this tutorial to make your site mobile ready. 

24. Do you provide tutorials?
Yes. Our tutorials are free and publicly available on our Website and YouTube channel.