Unbranding Plugin FAQs

What does the unbranding plugin do?

The Unbranding Plugin provides a license key that allows you to remove the Tesseract theme branding "Theme by Tesseract" from the right content block footer area of your website and replace it with your own branding such as "Copyright © 2016 Apple Inc. All rights reserved".

Why is the unbranding plugin helpful?

Adding your own branding to your website is beneficial for many reasons, but here are the top two:

  • It's a way of saying that you created this site and you're proud of it!
  • It helps to protect your site from copyrights. It informs visitors that you don't allow them to copy your work. This is a way to protect your brand and scare plagiarizers away. When your material is duplicated your site is penalized and ranked lower on search engines.

Does the unbranding plugin work with child themes?

No, the unbranding plugin is not compatible with child themes. Some have been able to install the unbranding plugin with a child theme in place, but no instructions are provided.

I purchased the unbranding plugin, but I didn't receive the link, what do I do?

  • First, verify that you received a payment confirmation e-mail from PayPal.
  • Second, verify that you are searching for the confirmation email in the correct email account (PayPal e-mail) that you used to make your purchase.
  • Third, please check your spam and/or junk folder. Many times the emails are sent here.
  • Fourth, if you paid via an e-check, note that it will take up to 10 days for PayPal to verify your payment and the link will not be sent out until your payment is verified.
  • Lastly, if all else fails, e-mail us to Support@TesseractTheme.com. We will be more than happy to locate your order and send you a new link.

Can I use the unbranding plugin on multiple websites/domains?

No, the unbranding plugin is only licensed for a single website/domain. Each installation of the plugin will require the purchase of a separate license key.

Is there a discount for the purchase of multiple unbranding plugins?

Yes, if you purchase the first plugin for $30, the plugins thereafter will be $20 each. Please email support using the email confirmation receipt that was provided with your initial plugin purchase to receive the discount code.

Can I use the unbranding plugin multiple times within the same website/domain?

Yes, you can use the plugin as many times as needed within the same website/domain.

My unbranding plugin files are unzipped, how can I re-zip them?

Right click on the files and select compress. You can also watch a step by step video tutorial on zipping files in the Knowledge Base under Unbranding plugin.

When installing the unbranding plugin I received a "style.css stylesheet missing" error message, how can I fix this?

It appears as though you attempted to install the plugin in the theme area; to correct this, install the plugin in the plugin section. For step by step directions on installing the plugin, watch the unbanding plugin video found in the Unbranding plugin.

How do I edit the right content block footer area after I have successfully installed the Unbranding Plugin?

Once you have successfully installed and activated the unbranding plugin, navigate to: Appearance >> Customize >> Footer Options >> Footer Right Content Block. Once you're in this area you can swap out the Tesseract theme branding with your own.

Is the unbranding plugin refundable?

No the unbranding plugin is not refundable, as it's an intangible item. We do however, guarantee our product 100%. If you have issues installing it and are not using a child theme, we can install it for you.

How are the proceeds of the unbranding plugin used?

The income generated from the unbranding sales helps our team  continue to provide a version of the Tesseract theme and tutorials on building a website using the Tesseract theme for Free :)

Thank you all for your support!